Toy of Love

Toy of Love (Đồ chơi tình Yêu)

By Đơn Phụng Bình [Xõa Trần], Thung Lũng Hoa Vàng,  Oct 16th 2010

Once upon a time

When I was a little boy

My mom took me to a loyal house

To visit her gals


They were rich and nice so mom asked me to bow

I was not cared what she told me but about toys

When we were leaving their house

I was cried because I liked the toys

And my mom didn’t give me a choice

Because they were not my own toys


The time went by

I became a nice guy

Then got marry I was wearing a red tie

My wife loved me and she held me tight

In the honeymoon night

She promised she’ll stay by my side

And never left me behind


Then the time went by

Her promise was breaking two sides

She wanted to say good bye

And she left me behind


I was cried, cried, cried…

As a boy who had lost a toy

But suddenly I stop crying

I was ashamed because I no longer a boy

My wife is not my soulmate

She decided to choose her own fate


The time went by

My heart was healed

But I still remembered those toys

I didn’t cry, didn’t spoil

Like an egg been boiled

Boy always love toys


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